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You are thinking of renovating, there’s so much to think about and investigate – how do you get from thoughts and dreams to a new space?

  1. You may be considering an extension or whole house renovation and find you are either a. too busy, b. not confident, c. can’t agree with your family or partner how to progress or d. worried about blowing your budget, so you may need my help.
  2. If you are too busy then you may need someone to do what you feel you are capable of doing but simply don’t have the time. I can take you from initial thoughts, through design, finding suppliers, right through to moving into your new space.
  3. If you are not confident, I can work with you in a variety of ways to help you discover the solutions that are right for you and give you the support to launch confidently into the build and beyond!
  4. If you and your partner or family are all full of differing ideas I can listen, analyse your needs and help you become unstuck and move forward with your project.
  5. If you are worried about blowing your budget I can sit down with you, listen to your needs and aspirations and help point you in the direction of the solution that will make best use of your hard earned money.

I work on projects from concept to completed build, I work with clients on concept and design only and when appropriate and if time allows I work with clients on a workshop basis to get projects started.

Working on your home can be all consuming if you are passionate about the results like here at Amo Espaco and it can also be energising and fun. The results will change how you live in your space and the impact on domestic harmony  of a successful renovation is always the best feedback clients give.

If it sounds like my approach might work for you please contact me on 07743662052 Monday to Friday or get in touch by messaging via the Amo Espaco Facebook page and I will usually revert within 24 hours.