discovery, that’s where we start…

Colours materials moodboard by amoespaco
Colours materials moodboard, a photo by amoespaco on Flickr.

Here’s one of several moodboards for a recent 1930’s renovation. But let’s go back to the start! At the start of your project we will meet and I will outline how my service works, take you through my process and give you information on costs.

Amo espaco is different because I take time to help you examine your lifestyle and all the factors that impact on how we will resolve your new space rather than jumping straight in with instant solutions. And that’s where we begin to discover all the detail and richness which will help shape a solution that is tailored specifically to you.

So, this is a moodboard which was developed with clients during the discovery phase of their project. Don’t be put off by a seemingly superficial exercise – this is usually where the ladies get excited and the gents’ eyes glaze over! The images that inspire and stimulate you will help you make decisions and set goals for your project, important for later when you may be searching for details to enhance your design and questioning what will work.

Often, clients come to me when they have got to a point in their plans for renovation where they can go no further alone, can’t agree on how to progress, or have difficulty visualising their space differently. Amo espaco provides an opportunity to express ideas, requirements and dreams in a constructive forum with your own private impartial observer who can mediate and interpret your ideas and requirements…think of it as therapy for your home!


…sharpen your pencil

Once we have worked through the discovery stage next we develop the design. sketches

Nothing captures the imagination better than a hand done sketch, it allows the imagination to lead in a way that computer generated images don’t, certainly at this stage of the project…there will be plenty of time for computerised design development in the next stage. Sketches deliver a vision distilled from the discovery phase and as we move through the project it is both exciting and satisfying to see those drawings brought to life through the build. Sketching is an invaluable tool for collaborating with my clients, for refining ideas and solutions at various stages as the project progresses.

takingApart from the reasons I’ve already mentioned about the value of sketching, another is that by the time we are ready to take the design to the next level, and use the computer, we have already got a very good idea of where we are going. Sketching can save time and money which might otherwise be spent on costly revisions on the computer. The aim is to follow an intuitive yet logical path to our solution and to minimise the elements that cost us the most along the way! At this point we are really getting down to technical business, where measurements are exact and details are crucial. Designs can be shown in 3D and 2D forms to specify the detail but also give you a very clear sense of scale and proportion.

3 stages kitchen
Seeing the ideas we have developed together become a reality is very exciting and due to the amo espaco approach, clients feel real ownership and pride in the results.


What’s great about the amo espaco service is that you can buy whichever aspects of the service you need most. The most successful projects are those where amo espaco designs and project manages right through to the build.

There’s lots more to offer than I have shown so far in this blog, from sourcing fixtures and fittings to preparing for building tenders, as you will see if you continue to follow. Renovating your home can be a challenge but with amo espaco it can also be energising, exciting and believe it or not, fun!