Hello! Welcome to the amo espaco blog. You may have heard of my service through friends or previous clients of mine and want to know more, or truly understand what amo espaco can do for you.
Firstly, I’m sure you are wondering where the name came from? Ammo is my family nickname and espaco means space in Portuguese (why Portuguese I hear you ask , but more about that another time.) amo also means love and that’s ultimately what my service, love space, delivers – a space you will love.

So how do I explain what you will get by working with me on your project? Amo espaco projects are different because they are personal. Think of it as personal training for your home, with a little personal shopping on the side too. A good personal trainer or shopper listens to your story, gets to know your personal taste, likes and dislikes and facilitates a way forward. This time to discover is what really makes my projects successful. Your thoughts, preferences and lifestyle mean the results come from you, rather than being imposed.
Again, like personal training, you get out what you put in – the amo espaco process is collaborative, not dictatorial, but as importantly, it is energised and fun.

Blogging is a great vehicle for design, but don’t expect to hear from me daily, or even weekly! I much prefer being out there doing the work – but hopefully this blog will serve as a reference point for my service, and a way of sharing projects and ideas.

Ann Marie Sheehan


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