about amo espaco

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Hello! Welcome to amo espaco

Amo espaco means “love space” and that’s ultimately what my design service delivers – a space you will love, whether that’s a single room, kitchen or an entire home.

Specialising in residential renovation amo espaco projects are different because they are personal.  Think of it as personal design training for your home, focussing on the use of space and furniture, how to get your best kitchen, choose lighting and finishes and everything you need in your project.

At amo espaco I work with clients at a level matching the requirement and budget whether it be from concept to completed build, design only or on a workshop basis for clients who may be unsure how to take their project forward.

At amo espaco I take time to listen to your story, get to know your personal taste and preferences and then lead you through your design project to get you confidently build ready.  This process delivers transformational projects full of personality, where the results are of you rather than imposed.  Valuable time and money are saved during your building work as we will have thought of pretty much everything before the first skip arrives and your builder can crack on!  Like any training you will get out what you put in because the amo espaco process is collaborative, not dictatorial, energised and fun.

If you’d like help with your project you can get in touch on 07743662052,  or message me via the amo espaco Facebook page. Read client experiences on www.linkedin.com/in/amoespaco

I’d love to hear about your dreams for your new space!

Ann Marie Sheehan



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