Home happiness goals

Can well planned storage be part of the answer?

There’s a practical simplicity to “a place for everything and everything in its place” but there’s joy in making your home your own.

Vicarage kitchen storage

If your next project is a new kitchen then function and storage are top of the agenda. Islands are great devices for adding much needed storage while also absorbing other activities and serving as the command centre of the kitchen. If space allows, it can be practical but also satisfying to use areas dedicated to specific tasks like the beverage and bread surface below.

bev and bread smaller

Think about function

What happens in the space you are looking to improve? Does the activity change depending on the time of year?  Never miss an opportunity to include storage in any bespoke furniture you may be considering like in the space below.

V living room storage

3 storage shots square

This space does many jobs – it is a lounge area with wood burning stove, it’s a place where the family reads, watches tv, practices music and it also gives access to the deck and garden. This space is the scene of many different kinds of activity requiring hard working furniture solutions to make it comfortable, functional and relaxing all in one, while remaining easy to keep tidy and maintain.

Karen walking through

Storage doesn’t just have to be about a place for all the working parts of your home. It should also provide the backdrop to telling the story of your family life; your vinyl collection close to the deck ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice, mementos of family travels alongside photos of the ones you love. This is what makes your house unique to you, packed with personality.

Well planned storage can also address one of the higher stress moments of family life which is, of course, arriving and leaving the house. A place for everything ensures what you need is to hand in those rushed moments. Or if you’d prefer scenes of Michael McIntyre comedy gold then own your domestic chaos!

But seriously, if a little forward planning for storage in your project results in a calm, organised, restful home like this one, then don’t fight it and make sure it’s something you give lots of thought to in the run up to your renovation.

Amo Espaco mantra #2: functional can be personal, beautiful and mindful!

Location photos by The Big Picture for Amo Espaco, additional photos of logs from Insteading.com and garden tools from The Wedding Shop.com, thank you.







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