flippin’ fantastic

As you get over the pancake-fest that was yesterday I thought I’d share this lovely photo from https://twitter.com/sfmtweet/status/440843001724944385/photo/1 taken in the Pupil Teaching Kitchen at East Sheen Primary School. An Amo Espaco voluntary community project from 2010,  I will tell you more in the future, when a gap appears in the spring renovation excitement currently going on, and I have time to spend on lovely social media again!

As a parent of two girls at East Sheen Primary when the project to create a Pupil Teaching Kitchen arose it was something I couldn’t resist. And with the collaboration of an enthusiastic and talented group of parents and Headship staff, PTA fund raising and some incredible sponsorship by Neff and Robert Dyas in September 2010, our Teaching Kitchen was born!


It is wonderful to see this resource constantly delivering fantastic learning experiences in a fun environment, with the latest technology, giving these students confidence and independence in the kitchen and a life skill to boot!

Now, where’s that chocolate…! Lent…what Lent!


2 thoughts on “flippin’ fantastic

  1. Their enthusiasm is palpable …how lovely makes me nostalgic for those days circa 1989-1999 happy pancake days:)

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