What is bubbling under in interiors now? The answer is  – lots of things! The safe answer is still “Anything Goes” but there are variations.

Still hanging on from recent trends:

• From the catwalk – block colour

• Style your home like a Hotel – never goes out of fashion

• Indoor meets outdoor – the more merged the better

New for 2014:

• Kitchen embellishments – add some personality

• Playfulness  – with accessories

• Graphic and geometric prints and patterns – wallpaper

• Modern Bohemia – with an ethnic twist

• Copper – it’s everywhere in lighting

• Turquoise – or almost mint

And ones I’m not so sure about:

• Hide on furnishings – too many cowhide handbags

• Honey- toned wood – just simply wrong!

There you have it – and now that you are in the know, you’ll recognise all of these trends around you in shops, magazines, fashion, hotels and bars. Thanks to Cult Furniture for the Vegas lights I’ve used in the title graphic. Who wants to be a slave to fashion, but it is nice to know what direction the industry is headed in this year.


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