the perfect Christmas tree

terrariumAt a recent networking event I met up with Emma and Lucy from the Little Garden and fell absolutely in love with their product. I was so excited as I was about to do a shoot at my latest renovation for the Richmond Resident magazine as you have seen from my latest posts.  I loved the idea of creating a Christmas terrrarium to capture the iconic tree image with a twist and the Little Garden did not dissappoint as you can see from the gorgeous photos.

Xmas terrariums

What a perfect tree, for flat dwellers, or twenty-somethings heading home for Christmas or if you are travelling over the holidays – the ideal way of having a stunning seasonal scene, but in miniature! No shedding, no hawling trees through hallways or out windows as happened at times at home when we were kids, leaving a trail of needles in our wake!

These trees are living, and The Little Garden is all about bringing living beauty into the home in a new way – I always get a sinking feeling whenever I receive a plant as a gift, I hear “Dead Plant Walking” as I am completely without green fingers, so my eyes lit up when Emma and Lucy started to talk about their passion for all things terrarium. Check out their range at and thanks again to the girls for a unique addition to our scene.

Thanks also to the Kate Miranda www./ and Monica Costa for bringing Emma and Lucy and I together!


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