a (photo)graphic Christmas

lamp bike cushion shot testOr perhaps, on reading this back, this entry should be called The Shopping Post!

This shot was captured by the talented and versatile Jane Cox featuring a more abstract take on the traditional tree – this time from Barbed www.barbed.co.uk in nearby Barnes. Jane is well known in our neighbourhood and further afield for her fantastic portraits and her ability to extract a beautiful shot from at times reluctant subjects! I  can’t thank her enough for her patience and speed in getting the shots to me – check out her site www.janecoxphotography.com. Jane has captured the graphic quality of the bicycle cushion beautifully, with the abstract tree and hanging reindeer head against the brick and rendered background of this lovely Amo Espaco renovation.

Also shown is another gorgeous light from Luma Direct www.lumadirect.com who have featured before on this blog along with their cushions, throw and tree decorations. The reindeer head is from Blue Lavender www.blue-lavender.com.

Christmas is a time when I especially like to source locally and we are lucky to have such wonderful suppliers and services in South West London, who have been so supportive of Amo Espaco, so do go online to see their full ranges.

To bring the whole tree subject to a close I’ve just stumbled upon this www.timbatree.co.uk/trees – very cool, very different and if you have a passion for the environment and love wood this is the one for you!


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