dining detail testI am so excited to bring you the Amo Espaco Xmas dining feature “Dine in Style” from The Richmond Resident Magazine, showcasing a recent Southwest London renovation. It is a wonderful shop window for this business and for local retailers and services. Thank you to the Richmond Resident for its continued support of Amo Espaco, I hope you like the article. Here’s the link to the Richmond Resident http://www.theresident.co.uk, the e-edition of the Christmas issue featuring the article will be available soon.

For readers new to Amo Espaco, take a look around the blog at how I work with clients during their renovation and recent projects to get the Amo Espaco flavour. Christmas is the time of year, more than any other when our homes receive good friends and family, and we get a chance to show off! It’s a focal point of the year, as is the New Year, which brings a sense of starting afresh, reflected in how we look at ourselves and our homes and living space.

You will see posts from the article in the run up to Christmas which I hope will give you some ideas about how to Love Your Space at this emotive time. A very special thanks to my clients, the owners of this gorgeous renovation for welcoming me back into their home – renovations like these are made all the more satisfying when I get to work with clients who have a desire to do something individual and an eye for style and decoration so hats off to you!

So get in the mood and stay posted for more festive ideas!

Richmond Resident interiors


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