notes to self on London Design Week

London Design Week is all about comfortable shoes. A marathon of designers, products and inspiration stretched across 300 exhibitions, it’s difficult to know where to start! It would be wonderful to totter around in my favourite heels striking a pose and feeling glamourous but honestly running shoes are probably the best choice! Here are my favourites from 100% Design  and Design Junction.

Stacking Linking Achair by David Colwell

Stacking Linking Achair by David Colwell

Holding Hands - Achair's magnetic link

Holding Hands – Achair’s magnetic link

As we sat and tried out the chairs David explained the idea behind his designs. Best summed up in his own words: “making a chair comfortable is central to all my designs. Comfort and good posture are much the same thing. All my designs have flexible structures, essential as flexible chairs make for flexible people! Not only do they yield to your body, but also encourage your movement, which in turn reduces pressure points and again leads to greater comfort.”
David imagines rows of Achairs in churches and has included a holder at the back to accommodate prayer books or hymnals. I’d love to find myself sitting on one of these at a curriculum evening or school meeting, and the magnetic link allows them to be arranged in curved lines – beautiful.


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