a trick of the Eye

Here are two wallpapers from this Week’s festival visits – on the left is “After Lowry” by Marianne Smink and on the right “Balle Beetles” by Rhoda Elizabeth. Both are not what they first appear to be…in the case of “After Lowry” Marianne has photographed her handmade abstract tiles inspired by L.S. Lowry’s paintings of the industrial architecture of the north of England. In her words “The angled blocks of greys, browns and creams create surprising surface patterns in a similar way to Lowry’s city vistas.” The result is a striking wallpaper, masculine and geometric.

WallpapersBalle Beetle on the other hand at first glance looks like a geometric pattern but on closer inspection reveals dancing beetles – the designer seeks to “reveal the unexpected, enticing the viewer to look closer with intrigue.” I can imagine this working well in an atmospheric gents grooming emporium if such a place were to exist! Go to www.sminkthings.com and http://www.rhodaelizabeth.co.uk/ for more.


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