the Good Life in Putney a year on…


2012 was a busy year, and saw Amo Espaco’s renovation of the ground floor of a 1930’s house in Putney. It has been a dramatic change, as we flipped the layout, moving the kitchen to the opposite side of the house, and created a study which doubles as a guest room with it’s own ensuite shower room, and access into the home’s wonderful garden. It becomes a self contained almost-apartment giving guests and the family their own space during busy holiday times. This was never more true than over these summer holidays as Sara, the owner goes on to describe:

“It’s been a year since the work on our house was finished and we’ve been so happy with the results. Everyone who visits loves the bright, enormous kitchen (though they are usually hopeless when it comes to guessing which of the 29 drawers I keep the plates in – I’m thinking of repurposing the Dewey Decimal System as an index for kitchen equipment) and it holds the credit for turning my teenage son into an enthusiastic and confident cook.

I have worn a groove in the worktop at the spot where I keep my laptop – facing out into the family room through the new mega-hatch, next to the wireless speaker which mostly plays the Archers when I’m on my own, and the family’s various Spotify playlists when I’m not. Although I love all my old recipe books which live close by in my new shelves, I mostly use the internet for recipes these days, and can see to all my admin while making tea. It’s fair to say I rarely leave my quadrant when I’m at home.



We’ve had tons of guests to stay – two families joined us for the Olympics (the deadline for our refurb) and the house absorbed them easily. Elderly relatives have been really pleased to use the new downstairs ensuite shower room and the rearrangement of the garden access has been really successful. Interestingly, the new door and windows so perfectly replace what was there before that friends don’t realise anything has changed. I do though – double glazing is my friend!
I take a peculiar delight in remembering how awkward the old setup was as we move easily (and far more frequently) from the house to the garden. Speaking of which, the veg patch is currently overflowing with produce, most of which started life in the ‘potting shed’ end of the kitchen.

It’s been a great year for us, and we’ve been able to share the joy that is our ‘new’ old house and garden with so many friends and family. Thanks AM!”

So Sara, it just begs the question – when do the chickens arrive?!


As the autumn evenings start to draw in, the new family room really comes into its own when the wood burner gets going and with the darker evenings, the eye is drawn to the accent lighting in both the kitchen and family room.

This renovation is all about a “sense of home” for all the senses, Sara’s family home is incredibly welcoming and warm and there is always a slice of her latest successful cake experiment regardless of when you drop by.

Read more of how Sara and her family felt about their renovation in her recommendation of Amo Espaco on

David Roberts of the Big Picture is to be thanked once again for his beautiful photography, which you can see all over this blog and the generosity he shows in his pursuit of the best picture!


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